15 years ago today I said yes to the love of my life……or was he? I don’t think at 24 I really knew what I was saying yes to, I’m not sure he did either. We had been together for 9 years before we exchanged vows… getting married was the next natural step….it wasn't a romantic decision, just an agreement. Don’t get me wrong, we were in love, but we couldn't have realized what the meaning of, “Until death do you part” felt like or what “Through thick and thin” looked like.

Did he know he was saying “yes” to sticking around when I gained 100 lbs? Did I know I was saying “yes” to nursing him back to health after two hip replacements? Did he know that after our 2nd child was born I would have 4 surgeries in a year and a half? Did saying “yes” mean I would sometimes put his needs before mine and vice versa? Did he know I would suffer from severe PMS? Did he know he would have to be both mom and dad to our boys when I worked full time while simultaneously going to school full time? Did I know that at several points in our marriage he would have to work so many hours I would feel like a single mom?

We had no clue what saying “yes” really meant…..but we are here, and we get it. Saying “yes” meant he would make me feel like a size 2, even when I got to a size 24. Saying “yes” meant we wouldn't kill each other, even when we had every excuse to…and believe me, we've come close. Saying “yes” meant we would always work on making sure the other knew how much they were loved and appreciated. Exchanging vows meant that we would write our book of life together, and do our best to stay on the same page. Saying “yes” meant we would work toward bringing out the best in each other, even when we knew how to bring out the worst.

15 years ago today I said yes to the love of my life……….and I say yes to 15 more.                                                                                                                                                   July 3, 2014