My philosophy on marriage.....

"Poor financial decisions do not end marriages, affairs do not end marriages, lack of intimacy does not end marriages, poor communication doesn't end marriages...resentment does. Resentment builds after years of broken promises to repair the issues at the center of your marriage."

All you need is the right tools to help you better understand your issues, and teach you skills to create change in your life once and for all. 


* Individual therapy

* Couples therapy

* Family therapy

 * Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management

 * Weight loss surgery; pre-op and post op management (On line WLS course available, see other tab above) 


Psychological evaluations for Weight Loss Surgery Clearance

                   * Clinical interviews

                   * Return on clinical recommendation for submission within 48 hours  


* Educational videos for purchase on this site


* Conferences: Professional Panelist, Break Out Sessions, CEU Educator

                            Previous engagements:

                                         Obesity Help 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

                                         Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America 2013 & 2015

* Guest speaker at your Support Groups:

                            Previous engagements:

                                          St Josephs Hospital

                                          Oliak Center For Weight Loss

                                          Riverside Medical Group

                                          Los Alamitos Medical Center

                                          Victor Valley Weight Loss Support Group

* Guest speaker at your University

                             Previous engagement: 

                                          Azusa Pacific University; PhD Program  

                                          Pepperdine University

                                         California School of Professional Psychology